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    tokens:login Access Pass??

    Ali Hijazi


      I'm new to Qlik Sense

      as far as I know that 1 token is equal to 1 User Access Pass with no limitations; the user who got one User Access Pass can open any number of Qlik Sense apps


      1 token means also 10 Login Access Pass = 10 hours

      So does this mean that if a user got 1 token as login access pass then this user got 10 hours of login during 28 days?

      And if:

      a user logs in at 15:46 let's say and logs out after 15 minutes then this user will have 9:45 hours remaining for the next 27 days?

      and after the 28 days pass this user will have another 10 hours of login or the remaining minutes or hours will add up?

      Please advise if I'm wrong

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          Mark Ritter

          1 token is equal to 10 login passes


          These are intended for people who log in occasionally and don't stay long


          So say you assign 1 to a group.  That group then has 10 logins for any combination of members of that group.


          When a user logs in and uses their token it is disabled for 28 days.  So you would have 9 left after this user.  After 28 days the used token would be available again for anyone in that group to use.


          So you have to analyze your users and how much you think they will be logging in to determine if they should be a named user or how many login passes you would need to make available for the occasional users.


          Hope that makes sense.

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              Ali Hijazi

              one user can consume 10 login passes if he logs for a total duration of 10 hours?

              Suppose I gave User1 1 token

              this user logs in at 15:46 and he keeps playing with the app till 16:48

              so this user consumes 2 login pass but for the second one he got 58 minutes remaining no?

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                  Tim Kendrick

                  Yes, if a user stays logged in for longer than 60 minutes, they will consume another login pass.


                  Additionally, the passes are used up regardless of how long the user remains logged in. A user could log in for 1 minute, log out, and then log back in, and they will have used two logins. They are not given the remaining time.

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                      Harvey Johal

                      Think of it like a parking spot with a meter on it. 


                      If you put in money for an hour, the meter keeps ticking down until 0.  If you stay in the spot for a full hour, great, you used up the Access Pass for the entire time.  If you stay for 15mins, the time keeps ticking down to 0.  Just like a parking spot.  It doesn't halt the time if you leave early - difference is over a parking spot is that the time cannot be transferred to someone else if you leave.  If you come back later (within the hour), you can continue to use the Access Pass until consumed.  If you stay over the hour, another license gets consumed for the next hour.

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                          Tim Kendrick

                          Has anyone tested this? The difference between our two understandings of the access pass is whether the pass is applied per session or per user.

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                              Levi Turner

                              Yep. I tested this earlier today. It was tested on 2.1.1 with Header auth so that I can impersonate an arbitrary user:


                              9AM: User logged in, used a license access pass; closed browser

                              9:15AM: User logged back in to a fresh browser session; no further license access pass usage; closed browser

                              9:50AM: User logged back in (so after the 30 minute session timeout value) with a fresh browser session; no further license access pass usage