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    double log diagram: how to configure y-axis?

    Andreas Köhler

      Hi !

      I need to create a log10-log10 diagram with benchmark data for a dashboard.

      The y-axis should have its ticks at 1, 10,100 and 1000 and I need to have the columns neatly side by side. The labels should be

      The problems are:

      • The setting log scale in axis does not lead to a log scale
      • A bar setting of -6 does not locate them neatly side by side.
      • an expression like  "if(len(Label) > 0,Label,' ')" with values at data points did not work.
      • If I start to use log10 in min or max scale itself, Qlikview prefers to crash.


      I have attached an example and would be very grateful for any help.