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    How to filter a sum of amount for each field of a particular dimension

    Marco Oberti

      Hello everyone! I have two questions for this community, I hope you can help me




      I created an app to calculate the sum of the final amount.

      But I need to do it once for each numproduct where nversion is the maximum number.


      EX --> i want:


      product    | nversion     |  amount      (not considerer - status)

      POL1        20151027      100                                     1

      POL2        20151102       66                                      1

      POL3        20151108       10                                      1+2


      TOTAL = 176


      how can I do?

      I would like to do in the sheet not being loading data!





      I can show in a table only the results of the distinct?

      I want to use as a dimension only on the results of a distinct product.

      then associate with each dimension his nversion greater. If that nversion has two states, and I want to see only the status corresponding to 1?

        Former: ---> I would like to


      product    | nversion     |  amount  | status

      POL1        20151027      100         1

      POL2        20151102       66          1

      POL3        20151108       5            1


      TOTAL = 171


      I read every forum thread on this topic but I could not find a solution!

      thanks!esempio screenshot.png