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    Exclude multiple values from Dimension

    David Nichols

      Hey Qlikers,

      I have a customer table from which i am trying to exclude some internal customers. I would like to return zero and supress so they are not included in my ranking

      here is my ranking

      aggr(Rank(sum({$<[Inv Month]={Apr}>}[Invoive Total]),1,1),[Customr Name])


      and here is where i would like to exclude values from the dimension

      =if( not Match ([Customr Name] = 'Cust1'  , 'Cust2, 'Cust3', 'Cust4 , 'cust5'), [Customr Name])


      I am able to achieve this for one customer using this:

      =If(not Match([Customr Name], 'cust1'), [Customr Name])

      but no success when adding multiple exclusions.

      Please help.

      Thank you