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    Using Aggregation to obtain basket size

    Michael King

      Hi all,


      This is my first post, though I have been visiting for a little while.


      I have an issue that I hope somebody can help with and hopefully improve my understanding at the same time.


      I am trying to find the frequency of basket sizes against a set of sales. I have a unique identifier for a sale as [Sales invoice] and I count the unit quantity by line item (product) as [Units Sold].


      [Sales invoice][SKU][Units Sold]


      My attempt to find the above is to use the following:


      AGGR(SUM([Units Sold]), [Sales invoice])


      However this results in inaccurate quantities. Where the above should show (Basket Size 4 = Frequency 2, Basket Size 7 = Frequency 1), instead it is showing inflated numbers which do not seem to match anything I can find.


      Hopefully I have explained that clearly, any help would be much appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.