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    Exists is Not Working With Timestamps

      1.) I have 20 million rows of data, there is a timestamp for each of them (MM/DD/YYYY) and the data goes back 6 years.

      2.) I created a table of dates going back 12 months (MM/DD/YYYY).

      3.) Both timestamps have the same alias (TimestampName).


      From what I understand about the Exists statements, this should allow me to use a Where Exists(TimestampName) statement and only load rows with a timestamp in the past 12 months.


      Am I wrong about this?


      *Note* When I try this, I get about 40 completely random rows with no correlation with the TimestampName.

      *Note* When I do a simple Where TimestampName >= date([12months ago]) it works and I get around 2 million rows.