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    Company Re-Branding



      Qlik provided my company with re-branding instructions and everything has gone well except for the change to the Internet browser tab change.  I have changed both the hub.html and the client.html with a new title and replaced the favicon.ico with out company icon.  However, in Internet Explorer 11, I briefly see our icon until the Hub page loads and then the Internet Explorer favicon displays and the title "Qlik Sense" never changes.  In Chrome and Firefox, the favicon does display as our own, but again, the title does not change.


      Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?




      David Pecnik

      Mistras Group -- PCMS Division

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          Harvey Johal

          Hi David,


          To confirm, the favicon.ico, was it replaced with yours in "..\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client" directory?  Was the old one just renamed or was it copied and moved to another location (ie. did you delete the old one from the folder)?


          For the title of each page, did you update both HTML files: client.html, hub.html in the "..\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client" folder? 


          HTML tag to change is <title>.

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            Thomas Oxenby

            Hi David,


            I have tested in 3.0 and it partially works for me (see image). Google Chrome is OK but Internet Explorer is only partially OK.


            My Results:

            Using Google Chrome it works just as it should:

            2016-06-23 08_45_34-RebrandedHub.png


            Using Internet Explorer the Title is updated but the favicon is the IE favicon

            2016-06-23 09_00_42-RebrandedHub-IE11.png


            Caching may cause lots of problems and pains. I updated the favicon.ico, hub.html and client.html files before opening the Hub for the first time. I recommend that you install Qlik Sense, then change everything that needs to be rebranded before opening the Hub (or QMC for that matter) the first time. Just clearing the browser history has not worked for me in general.


            You may run into access problems when saving the content in the C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client folder.