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    Color by Expression in a Stacked Bar Chart in Qlik Sense

    Lauren Mills



      PLEASE HELP!!! I have googled and youtubed looking for help and haven't found it....



      The problem ....


      Dimension - (Drill-down) Regional Training, BC , Dist, Dealer Code

      Measure - Count of Students that have a "Y" status and a Count of Students that have a "N" status:

      Measure 1 = Count({$<[LEVEL 1 COMPLETION]={"Y"}>} distinct SID)

      Measure 2 = Count({$<[LEVEL 1 COMPLETION]={"N"}>} distinct SID)


      I want to be able to write an expression (if that is the easiest way) to color by measure... N = Red and Y = Green.


      It seems so simple but I can't figure it out. Please help ASAP! Thanks!