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    Named CAL Leased by users through PE vs consumed by users through AccessPoint

      Please verify whether my understanding below is correct (based on first-hand experience, the forum posts and Q+A with Q people at Q Day)

      1) Both Allow Lease and Allow Dynamic Assignment are checked. Hypothetically there are 5 named CAL's.

      2a) In the Management Console, "License Lease History" listed users who have leased licenses from their PE's (a).

      2b) "Assigned Users" listed users who used AccessPoint (b),

      3) The UNION of (a) and (b) is the complete list of where your CAL's went.

      4) When 3) exceeds 5, no NEW user can either lease OR use AccessPoint.

      5a) When I manually remove users from 2b, the user still has the privilege for 24 hours.

      5b) Do I need to come back and remove after 24 hours or the name will be dropped by the management console automatically? My experience was that I had to do it manually after 24 hours.

      6a) When I manually remove users from 2a, would the user keep his leased license for 30 days on his PE from the last time he leased it?

      6b) What is the delay for new user to come in, the same 24 hours, 30 days, or something else?





        • Named CAL Leased by users through PE vs consumed by users through AccessPoint
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          Well, not quite, it's a bit simpler than that. Assigned Users lists the users who currently have a CAL--those are the only ones you will probably care about, as this list should show you leased users as well (not just AccessPoint). The License Lease History is useful for seeing who has leased in the past.

          When you have 5 users under Assigned Users, that means you're out of CALs. 5a: that's true, but you can force this to happen earlier by deleting all PGO files (although this will clear all users, not just quarantined ones). You need to delete the users manually after the quarantine period, although a restart of the QVS after the period will delete the user as well. Note that only those users that have been active in the past 24 hours will be quarantined. If a user has not been active, you can remove him immediately.

          6a is an interesting question: yes, the user will probably keep his leased license because it doesn't do checks once the license is successfully leased, but that might be a license violation if you've removed the user. To get rid of the leased license, you need to delete certain registry settings and/or files, depending on the version of QV you're running. I'm not sure I understand 6b, but a new user can "come in" as soon as you have at least 1 CAL that's not assigned.

          Btw, if you really want to assign users manually, you might want to consider unchecking Allow Dynamic CAL Assignment...