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    No connection or Session Lost

      Hi All,


      Users are facing no connection error or session lost error  or page cannot be displayed often. Always to fix this , we start qlikview services.

      But we do not know  why we are facing these errors often.  We are using  qlikview server 11SR2.

      Is there any fix for this?



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          Avinash R

          please check your CPU and RAM utilization. I feel your server is getting overloaded because of which your RAM is consumed to max and its not able to allocate additional RAM.

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            Brent Nichol

            We were seeing similar issues with early releases of version 11.2, until we upgraded. 


            I'd recommend upgrading to at least SR8, but preferably SR 13, which is very stable.


            There are so many possible issues, they are too numerous to list.  Try checking you QlikView Logs and Windows event logs for more information.  Is the QVS or any other Qlik service failing and restarting?


            You should contact your vendor support for more detailed recommendations.