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    Named CAL's check the NT Name and ???

    Yvonne Märcz

      Hi everybody,


      I'm just wondering that the NamedCAL's do not only check the NTName but something else in the background...


      We work with virtual workstations and get every day another PC assigned. Obviously that doesn't seem to be good for NamedCAL's, it checked now still in the Management Console the license, but only opens all applications in the Personal Edition.


      Thank you much in advance.


      Sunny regards


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          Peter Cammaert

          You're talking about leasing a license?


          Various (machine) hardware properties are included in the lease assignment. For example, there is a maximum of two MAC-addresses a license can be leased to.


          If you use this Named CAL to open documents in the AccessPoint, there shouldn't be any limitation aside from the usual "Session disconnected" effect. A CAL can only be usede in one session at a time. You can open as many as you want on different machines, but only one will be active. The others will be disconnected.