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    GetSelectedCount for date

      Hi all,


      I'm building a dashboard with couple of charts that are supposed to show the calculation of the measures for '2015-05-18' as default or basically when no date is selected until a date get selected from the bottom chart in the dashboard. I thought Getselectioncount

      would be the easiest way of getting it right and it works to some extend when I select a date from the bottom chart but it doesnt show the correct sum by opening the dashboard or when no date selection is made.

      Here is the formula that I'm using for the KPI that is in red.

      Sum(${<EVENT_DATE={'$(=If(Getselectioncount({'EVENT_DATE'})='', {'2016-05-18'},{'EVENT_DATE'})'}>}


      Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.02.55 PM.png


      I'm totally stocked and appreciate any help...

      Thank you.