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    32bit and 64bit license for QVS


      As i understand correctly the license for 32bit and 64bit is different. Although the 32bit license will work on a 64bit HW and 64bit version of QVS install, will there be any limitation on the resource utilization if we use a 32bit license.

      There are LEF with the entry "X64;YES;;" and without the entry. I have seen various performance problems when we use the license without the X64;YES;; on the LEF and doubt that it is working as 32bit although the QVS installer and HW is 64bit.


      Any suggestions...



        • 32bit and 64bit license for QVS
          Karl Pover


          This was the case about 3 years ago, but since then QlikView now uses the same license for 64-bit and 32-bit servers. Updated licenses don't have a X64 entry in the LEF.

          So I would contact your distributor to update your license.


            • 32bit and 64bit license for QVS

              Hi Karl,

              In that case I am nor sure why we get resource issues while running multiple jobs on the publisher when we use the license without the X64 entry in LEF. The jobs fail with the error cannot allocate QV Engine. When we replace the license with the X64 entry resource utilization is fine and we can run multiple jobs successfully.

              We have already sent a note to QV and waiting response. Please share your views....