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    Sub Chart within Report

    Sebastian Faust

      hello all,


      so i stumbled over the next challenge.

      i have for example 12 different tests in quality management

      so i created a report with the results for every test and nprinting produces 1 pdf report with 12 sheets.


      so, next task is, if one tests fails and there is more detailed information,

      than i want to add the details right behind the regarding test.


      Sheet 1 Result

      Sheet 2 Result

      Sheet 3 Result

      Sheet 3 Detailed error

      Sheet 4



      anything that helps.


      btw, i created 1 Level with 2 items (Material and Testsubject)


      thanks in advance


        • Re: Sub Chart within Report
          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Sebastian,


          I think PixelPerfect will be an excellent choice here.


          Let's say you have data in QlikView like this:

          Note that only Test2 has an Error with details.


          You can use nested levels and conditional formatting to create a report like this where you get the Error Details only if they exist:

          Sample project attached if you want to experiment. Extract to folder C:\Temp\Community\083 or change the path in the NSQ.


          HTH - Daniel.