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    SSL on QlikView Publisher (Version 10)

    Scott Joelson


      I am trying to set up and configure SSL on my QlikView server for QlikView Server/Publisher 10 SR1. I am using the QlikView Web Server, not IIS. I've followed the QlikView Server Reference Manual as best I could but I'm unsure of a few setting changes. I hope someone can clarify. Here are my steps so far:

      1. Gain a valid certificate for the web site - DONE.

      2. Activate SSL (pg 261)


      • Import Certificate - DONE.
      • Get the Thumbprint - DONE.
      • Generate a GUID - DONE.
      • Bind to SSL in Windows Server 2008 - DONE.
      • Additional changes for the QlikView Web Server -

      Make changes to config.xml for QlikView Web Server to add the full URL used for SSL. The default location for the config.xml file is C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QvWebServer. Note that the URL must match the URL for which the certificate is valid.

      Need help here. I don't have a <Url></Url> line in my config.xml file. I have a <ConfigUrl>http://_:4750/qvws.asmx</ConfigUrl> line. Do I need to modify this line?


      3. Modify the QVManagementService.exe.config file by changing the UseHTTPS value from false to TRUE. (Page 201) -DONE

      4. Modify the QvDistributionService.exe.config file by changing the UseHTTPS value from false to TRUE. (Page 202) - DONE

      5. Modify the QVDirectoryServiceConnector.exe.config file by changing the UseHTTPS value from false to TRUE. (Page 202) -DONE

      6. SSL on QlikView Publisher (pg 209)


      • The config file for each service must be changed. - DONE (see above)
      • In C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer\config.xml (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\WebServer\config.xml on older systems) change the setting <ConfigUrl>http://_:4750/qvws.asmx</ConfigUrl> to include https instead of http. - DONE.

      6.3 It is important that the URL for the services match the URL in the certificate. The settings must be changed in the user interface: System, Setup, Service, General, Location.

      - This is also where I need assistance.

      If my certificate's URL is https://qv.mycompany.com, then what exactly do I change each service's URL location to in the QEMC?

      How many and what places in the QEMC do I need to make this change?