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    I need to split data onto different sheets

    Mark Ritter

      I am replicating an excel spreadsheet that has multiple tabs.


      I have a dimension with 3 values.  Let's just say A,B,& C.


      I want A data to be on Sheet1.  B data to be on Sheet2.  and C data to be on Sheet3.


      The metrics and layouts on each sheet are the same.  Just want different data on each.


      I hope this explanation makes sense.



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          Karthik S

          Hi Mark,

          Can you share bit more details please.

          When you say you want to replicate A Dimension in Sheet 1, Do you mean in QlikView?

If you want A Dimension alone in QlikView - Sheet 1 just add the dimensions on the object you are using ignoring B and C, same applies for Sheet 2 & 3.

          Please advise if I am wrong.