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    QV10 Ajax Mode - VB Script

      We are planning to switch to web view(AJAX) in QV10. However there is a VBScript macro in our QV 8.5 documents. When enabling AJAX view for these documents, the scripts(macros) are not working. Is this because the AJAX mode does not support VBScript or do we need to rewrite the script in any other language? If anyone has a workaround, please let us know.



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          Pablo Labbe

          Unfortunatelly, macros are not supported in Ajax / Web View. You need to redesign the way you intereract with the document.  Maybe you can do something with javascript.


          Good Luck.

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            Jerry Svensson


            Macros doesn't work in WebView mode in Developer.

            However if you publish your app on the server macros will work when you use Ajax to view your app.

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              Erich Shiino

              In QV 10 you can replace some macro codes by actions (they do work on Ajax, right?)

              Then, if you describe your macros we may be able to find some actions (or even other ways) to implement it





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                  Jerry Svensson

                  Macros do work in Ajax but not in WebView.

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                      I'm upgrading from 9 SR7 to 10 SR2, and we had some documents running a task using an EDX event.

                      I was crossing my fingers but it looks like we can't start the task using the regular macro calling the HTTP event as QlikView recommend on the "Triggering EDX Enabled Tasks" on the documentation.

                      I'm wondering if you had been able to get this code to work over the AJAX Client on Internet Explorer.



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                          Johannes Sunden

                          Like jerry says, certain macros will work with Ajax, but as it's an installationless client, it doesn't have the same flexibility in running vbscript etc. (or something along those lines).

                          As suggested in the thread, I would look at using actions. If you come across things you'd like to be able to do from the Ajax client that you have used macros for in the past, post the suggestions as Ideas for new actions. They could make good additions for upcoming versions.

                          When it comes to triggering EDX tasks, you could possibly just do a button with a link-action to a webpage where you launch the EDX task?

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                      Jerry Svensson

                      I have successfully used EDX tasks in AJAX.

                      It even works on my Iphone (Safari).

                      A button that runs a macro with the EDX code.


                      You might have to check the box " Allow macro execution on server " on the server.


                      If it works in the regular plugin it should work in Ajax.

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                          Thanks Johannes and Jerry,


                          I was able to have the macro ran enabling the "Allow unsafe macro execution on server" on the Security Tab.

                          We also notice than once on the Ajax client and hit the reload button (which calls the Macro), after tha reload task was done, we needed to close and reopen the document, because it stopped to work.

                          Thanks for your help.

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                          Jerry Svensson

                          Have a look at the settings on the document.

                          Document properties-Server

                          How the client you should update when a new version is on the server can make a difference.


                          Also just found out that a MsgBox (I usually use those for debug) stops the macro execution in Ajax. All popup like MsgBox InputBox and similar probably have that effect.

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                            Huzaifa Azman

                            is there any way to attach/detach a chart that will work on ajax/ieplugin?


                            currently i've done a macro to do so. but still not workable in webview.. can anyone confirm it won't work in ajax?

                            here's part of my macro:


                            sub detach


                            end sub