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    ReloadEngine is up but not responding

    Diego Alegre

      Hi all,


      I have a server working properly, every service is started without any mistake. Reload Engine is up, but scheduler does not start any reload and if I trigger manually (from QMC-> Status ->Task -> [any reload] -> Play button) notthing happens.

      Even the icon dos not change to the green playing button.


      If I open any of the published .qvw (within the same windows session and same credentials as QV services) on a desktop Qlikview, it does reload and saves perfectly.



           User is and administrator, right windows permissions, read, write, modify, start services, etc.

           QVW are being published correctly on the server, and I can reload it manually with desktop, save them, and users can access via      accessPoint as notthing happens.


      Any idea about this behaviour??


      Thank you guys,