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    How to Enable all macros

    Soukaina EZZENFARI



      Well, i have a QlikView Document that contains macros ( Button for exporting to excel). Everything works, I have deployed the application in the server. And when users Log into Qlikview  for the first time a window appear ( please see the screenshot attached) that contains three choices :


      - Désactiver les macros (Disable Macros)

      - Activer les macros sûres (Enable secure macros)

      - Activer toutes les macros (Enable all macros)


      Users should select " Activer toutes les macros (Enable all macros)" so that the Export button works , but some of them choose "Activer les macros sûres (Enable secure macros)" and the macros doesn't work and  the system remember that choice.

      How can I get back to that window so that i can change the selected choice ?????


      Thank you