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    Security Rule Questions

    Eric Bracke

      weswilliams identified an area of the security rules that we would like to understand better.


      Normally as any user authorized to edit a published sheet, you will be prompted to duplicate first. Wes noticed that as his RootAdmin user, you could directly modify the published sheet.


      What this intended?


      Why might someone want this behavior, or not?

        • Re: Security Rule Questions
          Jeffrey Goldberg



          So this rule:


          Name: _gss – Root Admin Group Rule

          • Description: Allow all access to any user that is a member of the group QlikRootAdmin.
          • Actions: Create, Read, Update, Delete, Export, Publish, Change owner, Change role, Export data
          • Resource filter: *
          • Conditions:

            user.group="QlikRootAdmin" or user.roles="RootAdmin"

          • Context: Both in hub and QMC
          • Tags: Custom Rule


          gives full access to everything.  We have had a conversation and think that the intent was for QMC only.  We are investigating the impact of switching to QMC only.