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    Help required on Qlik Sense to get the right expresssion

    Kaushal Kant

      Hi, I am trying to figure out a way by which I can plot a graph which shows the month on month sale and increase / decrease in sales as compare to previous month.


      To give better understanding enclosed the sample data.


      Please help

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          Hi Kaushal,


          I understand how you calculated the Growth in the excel file, in your example, you just select the first block of Toyota data. But i'm not sure how you want to do exactly in Sense. Toyota data is appeared more than 1 in that dataset with exactly the same Month, Year.


          In my attached example, i did Sum(Sale), and filter by Toyota, it actually added up all data related to Toyota. Unless there's a different between the first Toyota set and the 2nd one. Also should the growth be different for each Company Name? instead of using Dec of previous company to calculate Jan for next company?


          It's just an example of how to do it. Until I understand exactly what you want to achieve, then i can check it again. Hope it's enough for you to keep going.


          Or if the growth is exactly what you calculated in excel, we can do that in script first, then it'll be easier to plot it on the chart.