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    Authorization failed for user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM



      I've just upgraded my server to QlikView10 från QV9 and DirectoryServiceConnector Gets this error on my Windows 2003 Server when checking the event log.

      Also, when I start the QvWebServer service it's on for about 10 seconds and then it stops and leaves nothing in the logs...

      I have no idea whats going on.. anyone have any ideas??


        • Authorization failed for user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

          Doesn't help much, but I am getting exactly the same problems following an upgrade from QV9 to 10. Changed the user the services run as to a domain account that is in the administrators group on the machine. Webserver starts for ~10 seconds then stops, nothing in the logs and loads of

          "Authorization failed for user mydomain\user"

          in the event logs.

          Anyone else seen this, and how to rectify?

          I just ran the QV10 setup as I figured it would do the necessary upgrading whilst preserving the configuration.



            • Authorization failed for user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
              Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

              Hello Adrian,

              Is the account a local administrator (so modification access to the folders QlikView writes) or has higher privileges? Does any service start?

              Depending on what version you are upgrading from you may find worth reading the Release Notes for both v9 SR7 and v10 SR1, where some additional steps are pointed to be followed if the upgrade comes from version 9 SR4 or older.

              Hope that helps.

                • Authorization failed for user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

                  Thanks for the reply; yes, the account was local administrator (it was added to the administrators group), but it wasn't added to 'Qlikview Administrators'. It was running as an inappropriate service account previously so we created another domain account specifically for the qlikview service, and missed the qlikview admins group.

                  We also rebooted the machine again after all this (we rebooted after the upgrade) and lo and behold everything started up properly, and the qlikview webserver stayed running.

                  I tried to find the release notes for v10 server on the qlikview download area, but was unable to find anything specific to the qlikview server.

                  All working now :-)


              • Authorization failed for user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
                Ashfaq Mohammed

                Hi mauch123

                there are few issues with V10 Sr1 goint on. not only you but most of the people faced same problems.

                For this reason I suggest you to uninstall qlikview from you machine and even from registry entries.

                as there will be conflict between V 10 services and V 9 services.

                so better reinstall qlikview after removing registries from qlikview server.

                hope this helps