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    Launching a .qvw file in windows 7 IE8


      This is the url that i'm trying to launch from the application on IE8 but it says "page not found". It is really strange because the same url launches without any issues in windows XP IE8 and firefox. It also works fine in windows 7 firefox combinations. The problem comes only when it is IE8 and windows7. Is there a problem with recognizing the url in IE8?

      In normal cases when the .qvw file is launched for the first time in any machine, a pop up comes asking for the credentials for the machine name specified in the url. (Be it windows 7 with firefox or windows XP [ IE8 or firefox ]). But for this to happen in windows 7 IE8, I had to change the security settings to unprotected mode in IE8. The first time it asked for the credentials but once the credentials are given it again says "page not found".