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    Qlik Sense UserID variable for default filter

    Khaleen Cheung



      Does anyone know if it is possible to use the 'UserID' variable in Qlik Sense to apply a default filter to an app, whilst also keeping all the other variations of the filter available for selection?


      - user opens an app and the data is filtered on Field B (which is a name) to show just that users data. The filter also contains all the other users, so that a user can then select and view any other users data as well

      - I do not want to use Section Access as this will filter the app for a UserID, however it will not allow the user to then select others.

      I want to:


      1) pick up the current user that is logged in to a Qlik Sense app

      2) obtain the long username - firstname surname - that is stored in QMC

      3) use this username to create a variable so that the app defaults to the data for that particular person

      so that UserID (QMC firstname surname format) = 'Field B' (which is stored as firstname surname format)