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    QVS kills current Named User Call ajax session if client opens another ajax session in new browser window (ver 10.0.8811.6)

    John Anderson

      We have no control over corporate policy governing whether new pages are open in a new tab or new window within Internet Explorer. As such, everytime our users select a new QV report, this opens in a new window. Not a problem until now.

      It seems that with version 10, Qliktech have locked things down so that if a new IE instance starts up with the same NTSID or similar identifier that it kills the previous instance of QV report.

      I understand why this might be a valid response if the same user id is shared across more than 1 pc but that's not the case here. Our user's have a Named Cal assigned to their login and should be able to open as many reports as they like. If they force the report to open in a new tab it works fine.

      We do not use AccessPoint but instead have our own webpages with the URL to the reports embedded as hyperlinks. So please don't give me your tips about Javascript etc, its no use to me at this time.

      Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this problem either as a server tweak or some new html I can add to my web pages? or will Qliktech consider correcting what I consider is a bug in their server software?


      John Anderson.