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    Avoid associations between column names in table

    Nishanthi Rajendran

      I have a two different date columns - Allocation_1 and Allocation_2. Here I have to use a set analysis expression by considering both the dates with the latest month and if selected that particular month data should be displayed. The problem here is since every row is associated it gives a wrong value for eg: Allocation_1 has May-2016 and Allocation_2 has Jun-2016. Now my expression is ,



      count({<Allocation_1 =e({1<Allocation_1 ={">=$(=date(max(Allocation_1 ),'MMM-YYYY'))<=$(=date(addmonths(max(Allocation_1 ),12),'MMM-YYYY'))"}>}Allocation_1 ),Allocation_2 ={'$(=max(Allocation_1))'},[Status]-={'Open','External','Internal'}>}[Resource Id])


      So if I select any month in Allocation_1 its getting associated with Allocation_2 and so its not giving proper value. How to avoid that?