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    UPDATE DATE as update field display in Qlik Sense as 42515 ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      Below is the load script , that read from Excel file .




        CUST_ID  as [CUST_ID],

          [UPDATE DATE] AS [update],

          STATUS       as [status],



      FROM [$(vINPUTPath)$(vFile18)] (ooxml,embedded labels, table is [TID]);


      I use Binary load to read the above QVW file. When in Qlik View i can create table report to display both date no issue.


      But when i use Qlik Sense to read the above 2 date , i am not able to read the date , it turn the date into number 42515.


      Hope some one can advise me what are the changes i need make , in order for Qlik Sense able to display date as 23/6/2016 ?