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    ColorMapHue - Usage

      Hello All,

      I have 4 Buttons which pulls up distinct values from 4 Dimensions Eg: Sex, AgeGroup, Race and Country

      I have a Scatter Plot where I have to show all employees based on No of Days Working in a Year and No of Leaves Taken in a Year.

      What I need is if I click on any of the aforesaid buttons - the colour of employees should change accordingly.

      So - If I select Sex - The entire Scatter Graph will have 2 colours - assuming M and F, If I select Race - and if there are 4 races, the Graph will have 4 colours.

      Now I have been trying to do with ColorMapHue and I have taken Startpoint as 0, Endpoint as 1 and Steps as 1/ (

      if(DemDi=1, count({<DemDi=1>} distinct Sex),

      if(DemDi=2, count({<DemDi=2>} distinct Race),

      if(DemDi=3, count({<DemDi=3>} distinct [Age Group]),

      if(DemDi=4, count({<DemDi=4>} distinct Country)))))


      So Steps will give me 0.5 for Sex and so on.

      However I am unable to achieve the result - all is coming as Red.

      Requesting anyone to help.