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    How to create expression with multiple "options"

      Hi all!

      I'm trying to write an expression that will bring the results for all of my data that was collected at the following facilities: HMail, HPrint and WM.  These facilities are independent, i.e. only 1 facility can be tied to each data point.



      I used the Set Analysis Wizard and tried the following

      Count({$<[QID_Data.Incident Type]={'Internal Issue'},[QID_Data.Facility Entered]={'WM'}>}{$<[QID_Data.Incident Type]={'Internal Issue'},[QID_Data.Facility Entered]={'HMail'}>}{$<[QID_Data.Incident Type]={'Internal Issue'},[QID_Data.Facility Entered]={'HPrint'}>}[Action #])


      The equation is treating the data like they all have to match.  How can I write it so that my results will bring me anything that contains HMail -or - HPrint - or WM?  If I were to use the "Exclusion" piece, I would need it to exclude "CH" and "LF".


      Thanks in advance!