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    creating a new column of data based off variables

    Lauren Mills

      The problem...


      I created variables to represent 1 column of data (ex: vLevel1Course1, vLevel1Course2, etc). I want to be able to take a value from those fields and create a new column of data.




      Level1Course1 can have the values of Y, N/A, EQ, PY in them but they can also include N. I want the new variable or column of data to only give a Y value if they have these values (Y, N/A, EQ, PY) for each course variable. I currently tried to create an IF statement but I believe I am writing it wrong. Can anyone advise?


      if($(vLevel1Course1)= "Y","EQ","PY","N/A" AND if($(vLevel1Course2)= "Y","EQ","PY","N/A") "Y";"N"