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    Min/Max Date function in load script

    Philip Radovich



      I am currently having some trouble trying to write an expression to display the Minimum Quarter, Maximum Quarter, and the Maximum Quarter -1. I am not sure if I need to use set analysis or if there is a function to do this for me. I need to set them in the load script as fields because things become cluttered in my pivot table when adding as measures in the table.  I currently in my load script have this:

         QuarterName(AssessmentDate) AS Quarter,

          Year(AssessmentDate) AS Year,

          QuarterStart(AssessmentDate) AS InitialQuarter,

          QuarterEnd (AssessmentDate) AS CurrentQuarter,


      When building my visual though it lists every quarter instead of a min and max and I cant seem to get any of the scripts I have tried to give me exactly what I need. I am fairly new to qlik sense so I may be completely off on how I am supposed to do this. Any advice would help.