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    filter not working?

    Alex Pan

      I have different filters for different users. each filters I used the user's user name.


      I used the filters in the extension object. (as the picture attached). I then pressed the button to send the request to send me a report in my email box.


      However, after I got my email (report), i found that the filter is not applied in the report.


      Am I using the filter correctly? If not, how should I change this?



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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Alex,


          It's impossible to guess what your data model is and how your filters are built, on what fields and how they are applied and so on. You need to consider:

          * the values selected in Current Selections for the User field  - if any

          * filters on the User field applied on the Task/Report/Object in the NSQ

          * user level filters


          Take a look at this article to learn which filters take precedence, how Current Selections & Additional saved Filters work together etc.: How to Use Current Selections with On-Demand Reporting


          HTH - Daniel.

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              Alex Pan

              Hi Daniel

              Thanks for replying.

              Let me elaborate a bit more.


              I manually put the filter in my report, and I ran the task. The report has what I expected results.


              When I added filer in the additional saved filter(in my original post) on access point, it is not giving me expected report. though current selection is working. It is just not filtering out what I had asked for.


              Does that make sense?