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    Pie Popout with multiple values

    Paolo Camerini

      Hello everyone!

      I'm building a pie chart that shows performance values for 5 distinct products.

      Now, I've given the possibility to select 1 or more out of 5 products for the other tables of the sheet.

      Through set analysis I ignored the selection on the product field but I would like the selected products to pop out.

      It works as long as I select 1 product but when I select 2 or more it stops working.


      The formula I'm actually using in the pop out parameter is:


      • Cluster = GetFieldSelections(Cluster)


      I've already tried:


      Cluster like GetFieldSelections(Cluster)

      Cluster = GetFieldSelections(Cluster,' or Cluster = ')

      Cluster = GetFieldSelections(Cluster, ' ' )


      Any hint on how to overcome this?