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    Color not applied when there are multiple records(rows)

      I'm trying to make an table (see beneath) in qliksense where:

      - we can see which products are purchased by a specific customer, (this is working as intended)

      - Which products are requested in an invoice,


      Organisation      Product 1      Product 2      etc..

      company 1         yes                no                ...

      company 2         no                  no                ...

      company 3         yes                yes              ...

      etc.                     ...                  ...                  ...


      Now, I want to color the background of the table when it says 'no' but the productcode (which is saved in another table) is used in an invoice for that customer.


      The tables i am using:



      Product 1

      Product 2

      Product 3







      Whenever the invoice table gives back one row the color is applied as intented, however when there are multiple rows (different productcodes) in the table the color isn't applied at a single product of the license table. (see attached screenshot for an example of both situations)




      The code i'm using to color the different fields inside the table:

      If(iTask = 'Ja' , rgb(229,255,236),

      If(Inf_artikelnummer = 'a229' , rgb(214,235,235)))


      Can anyone help me with solving this behavior?