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    User Directory Connection - Oracle LDAP

      I am trying to set up a User Directory Connector in Qlik Sense that points to our Oracle LDAP. There are 5 LDAP groups whose users I need in Qlik Sense.  I believe our LDAP configuration is a bit different from most in that the users have no “MemberOf” attribute.  This seems to be how others I’ve found online got LDAP groups working in Qlik, but that’s not an option for us.


      It looked like we needed one User Directory Connector for each LDAP group that we want in Qlik Sense, so we set it up that way and got a "successful" sync.  However, the group name is being ignored.  We get exactly 917 users loaded into every group and they are the same list of users.  Most of our users did not get into Qlik and there doesn’t seem to be any logic to which set of users were brought in during the sync.


      Here is the set up of one of my User Directory Connectors, intended to load users from the “EMPLOYEE” group of LDAP (server/company name removed for the example):



      I use Softerra’s LDAP Browser to see the structure of the users and that is where the values for the “Directory Entry Attributes” came from.  Here is a screen shot the group:  (Edited to anonymize company and user names)


      Here is a screen shot if I view a single user (the userid in this case is "training"):



      In Qlik, after the sync of the User Directory Connector, instead of the users that I see in the LDAP Browser, I get 917 random users who do not belong to the “EMPLOYEE” group.

      Here is a sample of that:    (Again, edited to anonymize company and user names.  UserID comes in, "name" does not - odd, but I don't think I need it anyway)



      We have a User Directory Connector to our internal users from Active Directory and everything works perfectly there.  Oracle LDAP is a different set of users who will come to our Qlik Sense apps from our external customer portal.  We are ready to go live with that and I really need to get this piece working as quickly as possible.


      Does anyone see what I might be doing wrong in the configuration of the User Directory Connector?  Any help is greatly appreciated!!


      Thank you,