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    reload on opening qvw file using opendocument.html

      We have the following problem:

      Beacause our sofware has a complicated autorisation structure and is verry dynamic, it is not possible to make a standard Qlickview reports which can be opend by every one. Our solution is to create an include file, which we build in our own software based on the autorisations and how it is used. Working on QV client it is no problem, but we want to be able to open a standard report using the plug-in. The problem now is, that on opening, the file must be reloaded so the autherised data is inserted in the report.

      We give the following statement to the accespoint:


      The statement works only can we add an extra statement to activate a reload when opening?

      Other wise we have to make, I do not know how many qvw files which keep running on the server and we do not want that.

      We hope some one can help.