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    odbc read failed while executing sp

    Deepak Subramoniam

      hi folks,


      i have a table having 14000 records and 3 columns in a table called tableserver. i created a sp as following in sql server


      create procedure spc_test



           select top 1 col1,col2,col3 from tableserver



      i tried to exec this sp through Qlik


      ODBC CONNECT32 TO server;


      SQL exec spc_test;


      getting following error while reloading the script


      ODBC read failed

      SQL exec spc_test


      but the same time if i query the records in qlikview, it fetching all the 14000 records

      ODBC CONNECT32 TO server;


      SQL select * from tableserver ;


      Request you to kindly clarify the behavior and help us on this issue for using sp.


      Thanks in Advance...

      With Regards

      Deepak Subramoniam