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    NPrinting 17.1 error with Qlik Sense certificate

    Tim Rosser

      I have installed NPrinting Server 17.1 and I've got a problem installing the first certificate from the Qlik Sense server.  It crashes and says, "QmcCertificatesInstaller has stopped working".  The error message is in the attached screenshot and for searchability, here is the text:

      Install the client.pfx certificate...

      Unhandled Exception: System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: The specified network password is not correct.


      Seems straightforward but I'm using the same user and password for everything so it should be correct.


      From the checklist.

      • Your Qlik NPrinting version is 17.1 or newer.  - Yes
      • Certificates (client.pfx, server.pfx, and root.cer) have been exported, by your Qlik Sense system administrator, from the Qlik Sense QMC. You have to include a secret key when exporting the certificates. See Exporting certificates in the Qlik Sense help site. - Yes
      • The certificates have been copied to the Qlik NPrinting Scheduler computer. - Yes
      • The Qlik NPrinting administrator who is installing the certificates on the Qlik NPrinting Scheduler computer must be the Windows domain user who is running the Windows Qlik NPrinting scheduler service. - Yes
      • If the Qlik NPrinting Scheduler computer is also a Qlik NPrinting Engine computer, the Windows domain user must also be running the Windows Qlik NPrinting engine service. - Yes (same user for everything)
      • The Qlik NPrinting administrator must be RootAdmin user in the Qlik Sense QMC. - Yes