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    Trigger Reload Task as Custom User

      Hi All,

      first thanks to the people who contributed information about how the edx trigger works and example code.
      I have built an application with a trigger-button-macro which triggers a reload task. It works fine from the QlikViewDesktop which is locally running on our QlikView machine under an account which is member of Qlikview Administrators group.
      When I publish this application into the QVS and try to fire the trigger through ocx-client from another machine I get an error: permission denied.
      I guess the error occurs because I logged in the accesspoint as custom user whom the server does not know as local user of the server machine and member of the authorized groups.

      I need this for an application which does data quality testing. With the results the user corrects the source data. Then he wants to reload and test again.

      Now my questions:
      Is there a way to enable a custom user to trigger the reload of a published application without giving him a local account on the server machine?
      If not, would this work if I switch the user management to ActiveDirectory?

      Plattform: QlikView Server Enterprise Edition 9 SR 3 (9.0.7440.8) + Publisher, Windows Server 2008 R2

      Best regards