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    Programmatic listbox filtering from a web page

      I am currently evaluating QlikView to integrate with our existing Analytics web application.
      Problem -

      The current web application has a number of stored procedures which are used to filter out data which the logged in user is not allowed to see. This is based on the user id, his roles and the client accounts entitled for the roles. All entitlement information is stored in relational table structure in a database.

      I want to be able to provide a "My Roles" listbox for a user where he/she can choose one or more of the roles and the data will filter based on his selection. I know this is relatively easy to achieve in a QlikView object using the associative joins.
      However, I need to be able to restrict the user to only see his/her roles within the "My Roles" listbox and not all the Roles within the system.

      I do not want the filtering code to be on the QlikView listbox. Instead want to drive that programmatically when the user accesses the web page.

      My questions are:

      Q1. I want the container ASP.NET page to pass the applicable roles to the embedded QlikView object and the objects should filter accordingly. Is this possible?

      Q2. Is there a way to remove roles from the listbox which the user is not entitled to?