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    Data Source Comparison Tool?


      Hi, Just wondering if anyone has found a way to compare data sources within all published documents. Starting to have an issue with different reports conflicting with each other due to similar or the same source data. Is there anything within QV or the management tools that allows us to see the sources within the edit scripts for all published documents? Thanks for any help with this.

        • Data Source Comparison Tool?

          I haven't seen one so far. It can be useful that you share it with the community when you find it. What we usually do to avoid that problem is to extract the tables from the datasources only once and make a common repository of QVD's. Secondly we develop a data model for every business areas based on those QVD's, so the applcation of each business area can binary read from that common model, this way you avoid users having "their own version of the truth"