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    Open in server from Windows 7

    Colin Hancox


      Hi all

      I have a number of users who are migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7. On Windows XP they could use Open in Server from the Start Page of QlikView Developer to open documents from the QV server without having to enter a password. Now that they are on Windows 7, if they enter qvp//servername and then click Open they get the message "Connected to server OK, No reply received. Switching to HTTP tunneling. Connected to server OK, no reply received".

      If they attempt to login by specifying their domain\username, they are prompted to enter their network password, and they can log in OK.

      The QlikView server log contains the entry "Session stop reason: can't logon user [0x0000052E]" for the failed logon attempt.

      So it looks like the QlikView client is not passing the user password to the QlikView server or to the network when on Windows 7, as it did on XP.

      I've read a few similar posts on here and have made sure port 4747 is open on the server, and there is no firewall running on the users' machines blocking any ports. I CAN connect successfully without entering a password from a laptop that is not on the domain.

      Has anyone seen this before or know how to resolve it?