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    How to Introduce Scroll bar If I have dynamic number Text Object Control


      I am very new to QlikView started a week ago. I got a request from client to work on this and has explained me requirement.


      I want to display list of all projects which I have One below other on left hand Side of sheet. I have Some numbers of project with details of Time Spent ,Original estimate , req time and other information in SQL. Number of project can vary as we can dump that in SQl.


      I want to display all Project in every individual Text Object. This text object contains details like name of project as heading and total sum of time spent , original Estimate , Required time  in next line. all should be calculated dynamically.


      If number of text object crosses 3 , Scroll bar should enable .


      So can anyone help me in this.



      Suggestions are acceptable , If we can achieve it in other manner also we can try to implement . Please help me in this.


      Below Is the Image which I am talking about.  Scroll Should be seen we have more number Of Projects.