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    create a value based on the past 7 variables

      So this is a little hard to explain so let me try give you some context:


      I want to create an alert using a gauge to show if we've been under/over forecast over the past few days. The challenge is, not to just sum the past 7 days but to understand the number of days and the severity.


      using the following VARS:


      Variance (%)


      Need to get a gauge (seems a good way of showing it) running from -10 -> 10.


      F_Date        Variance

      01/06/2016      16%    (over 10% so gets a rank of 2)

      02/06/2016       4%     (under 10% so gets a rank of 1)

      03/06/2016       -24%  (over 20% so gets a rank of -3)

      04/06/2016       -16%  (over 20% so gets a rank of -2)

      05/06/2016       -11%  (over 10% so gets a rank of -2)

      06/06/2016       -5%    (under 10% so gets a rank of -1)

      07/06/2016       -11%  (over 10% so gets a rank of -2)


      the figure needs to be cumulative (rather than average/sum) so we get the latest view, so with the data above you would get a gauge showing -7



      no easy challenge - is this too much to try and do in Qlik?