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    Add data Qlik Sense SQLite3



      I have a question regarding database use in Qlik Sense. I connect to the database using ODBC, setting up a SQLite3 link. In Qlik Sense I use this link to make a new connection and everything works seems to work fine. However when I go to 'Select Data' it only shows empty tables. I've tried most things and after some time I could use the data in the tables using this method:



      SELECT * FROM Article;


      After pressing 'Load Data' I go to app-overview and open a new worksheet. When I press 'Edit' and go to 'Fields' on the left, I can use the Article table data.


      My question: Is this the way it should work? I'v followed this tutorial An Introduction to Qlik and SQLite – Tech Trek the last picture from the tutorial shows table data when you select one. I do have the tables, but nothing shows when I select one. Also it says Database undefined - Owner undefined. Any suggestions?