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    Converting Table Columns in to Rows

      Hi All,


      I am trying to generate a report and have an App in QlikSense generating a table from a qvd files from our database.


      I have a column that pulls particulars of data from the database and another column that pulls its corresponding Value. The problem occurs when I want to have only a few or multiple child data to be generated. As the first column pulls particulars of data (approximately 20+ different types) thereby, creating 20+ different repetitions of the same case in 20+ rows.


      Is it possible to rather have this data presented in columns instead? And perhaps even being able to only select specific particulars to have only their corresponding values being generated in columns.


      The final aim is to produce an excel sheet from this data..import it to an Access database and generate a specific structure of a report.


      Here's a sample of what I am facing now.

      Client NameCodenameCode Value
      John DoeIDnumber123456
      John DoecommentsTest comment

      John Doe

      contact personBob
      John DoeInvoice number 987654
      John Doeservice typetype 1


      I hope the above gives you the drift of my question. Firstly I do not want the table to repeat the client name in multiple rows and secondly, get the code names and their respective values in separate columns.


      Any help of suggestions will be much appreciated.