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    multiple filters with the same name

    zhen pan


      I just want to get an idea how NPrinting is working if:

      I have 3 filters that has the same name, does it pick all the filters or only the first one?


      It seems to have only 1 picked up, but not all.


      Is this true?




      (edit: I have multiple filters that are imported and I have over 3000 rows)

      Thank you!

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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Alex,


          I have to ask: why do you have multiple filters with the same name? What is your use-case for this? You probably have a valid reason but I can't readily think of one.


          When you add a filter to a Report or Task etc., you already know which one you are adding as it is a manual process. When it's left to NPrinting to choose: in my testing with multiple filters with the same name using Additional saved filters in the On-demand task extension object, I found that the first filter was used. Same for user filters with the same name when tested with Additional Recipients in the on-demand task extension object settings - first one is used.


          To avoid ambiguity, and if at all possible, I suggest you have uniquely named filters.


          HTH - Daniel.

            • Re: multiple filters with the same name
              zhen pan

              Hi Daniel

              Thanks for confirming.


              The reason I am using it because I tried to mimic "section access". In section access, I have

              user, access, geo, seg, level,.... for each user, for example, and I use this table as the template to import into filter, as one user may have one or more rows. That is why I have same name for different filters.

              I used an extra step in Qlikview to consolidate the section access table so that each user will have one and only one filter and i was able to do that with concat.


              It is a learning progress for me and I sometimes need some validations from others and I appreciate your response.

              I am able to workaround on the section access with NPrinting and this forum helped tremendously.