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    QV9 Plugin and Makro

    gerhard schrepfer

      Hello all,

      i have a problem with QV9 Plugin for IE and a macro, maybe anyone has a solution or can help ??

      Our users are working with QV9 IE plugin. One application is reloadad every night with new data, and i want to enable the users to save the document unter a new filename on certain days (especially on every last day of month, but thats not the problem). For this reason, there is an inputfield with a varianble named 'Monat', which can be filled with allowed valus. Underneath, i have a Button titled "Save", that calls the macro 'Speichernunter' at the end of this message (the msgbox there is just for information).

      Everything works fine, as long as the document runs in Qlikview. But if the document is opened in IE with the plugin, clicking the button shows the MsgBox with the correct string, but after that the document is not saved. Insted, there is a message saying 'Chicking the macro did not show any funcionality - SpeichernUnter - Error' (or something like that, i am using a german version of qv, and i dont know the original english text).

      Does anyone have an idea, what could be the reason of that, and how i could solve this? Maybe there is also another method for saving the document with a new name?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!



      sub SpeichernUnter

      set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("Monat")
      Filename = (v.GetContent.String) & "_2011.qvw"
      msgbox Filename
      ActiveDocument.SaveAs Filename

      end sub