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    Self service report in all me BI software

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      i know that QS is try to promote self service .


      And I aware that in order to create self service , QS make use of master key or container to allow user to re-use all the expression.


      My question is ;-


      1. In order to create those master  key , it require those people who is very good in SET analysis programming. One of the person I can remember their name are sunny , john , Robert , stenfan , Manish , Max , and some I remember by their profile icon. ( I owe a lot to these people ).


      2. I also know competitor like Tableau also doing the same thing , and I Guess they also using the same approach . It is not like their demo just drag and drop to create those chart.


      in conclusion :- All these need programming expert in order to achieve self service right ?


      HOpe to get some feedback here.