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    QV Application Performance issue


      Whenever i am opening qlikview aplication using using qvp protocol ( qvp://ServerIP/Mountedfolder/xyz.qvw ) with plugin, Application takes 25 to 30 Second to open, however my application contains No data i.e my application is simple new qlikview application which contain no data no charts nothing and size of application is 111 KBs.

      I m using following configurations

      Windows Server 2003 SP 2, 16 GB RAM, 4 CPUs

      Qlikview Server 9.0 SR 7

      Qlikview Dev 9.0 SR7

      Plugin 9.0 SR 7

      Please help



        • QV Application Performance issue

          How much time is it consuming when it is opened directly in the Server not thru access point ?
          Opening application for the very first time may take little more time, but in case if it takes more time everytime, just restart the qlikview services once and try it once.

          Also have a check if any event is getting triggered while loading application.

          Note: Assuming you are using 64-bit OS and 64-bit Qlikview Setup in order to utilize the resource properly.

            • QV Application Performance issue

              Dear Kumar,

              Thanks for your reply, As you said I am using 64 Bit OS and Qlikview.

              But Application takes 25 to 30 Seconds every time when i open, it means application was loaded in QV Server but still it is taking same time i.e 25 to 30 seconds.

              If I open application in Window server it self then it will not take more than 2 Seconds to open, but when i open outside Server then it is taking more time